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The Breakthrough Incubator - how to create and rapidly...

Despite businesses focusing their efforts on improving breakthrough innovation performance, many still fail to create sustainable new businesses of scale.

Consumer goods & retail

Driving adoption in digital transformation

When it comes to delivering effective digital transformations, human behaviour is often overlooked in favour of a focus on technology.

Sustainable portfolio steering

Understanding the sustainability risks and opportunities across the product portfolio is vital to creating tangible business value. However, assessing every product in-depth, in every market, can appear daunting.

Ambidextrous organizations – How to embrace disruption and...

In competitive markets businesses need to embrace two sets of capabilities that are often seen as complete opposites – they have to be fast & creative, while also being productive & scale driven.

Balancing the positives and negatives – The rise of the...

Expanding markets such as electric vehicles, renewable energy storage and consumer electronics are driving enormous interest and investment in the battery sector, from both incumbents and new players.

Transforming medical technology businesses to create value...

There is significant value to be captured with digital products and services in the healthcare industry. However, existing medical technology companies going digital will require major business and operational model changes.

Healthcare & life sciences, Digital company transformation

Digitalization can make energy more affordable

An interview with Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and CEO, Total

Oil & gas, Digital company transformation

The “human-to-technology” language challenge

It is often said that within every business is a technology business, with software central to enterprise success. However, translating ideas into working software is not easy. Looking at typical business-to-technology language problems, this article shows how to overcome them through...

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME), Digital problem solving, Digital company transformation

Embrace the shadow

Shadow IT, systems built and used by business units without approval from the IT function, are now pervasive.

Digital problem solving, Digital company transformation, Information management

Four key questions to consider for successful digital...

The majority of “analog-native” companies are struggling to become digitally mature enough to compete with “digital-native” rivals. How can they adapt strategies, business models, organizational structures and capabilities to remain competitive and relevant?

Strategy, Organization & transformation, Digital company transformation